MISSION: MAAWS seeks to create a multilingual bridge of education and cultural sensitivity within South Asian communities to combat community issues through various education, community training and action programs.


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Important Information for Cancer Patients in Bangladeshi, Indian
and Pakistani Communities...Please click here to read
Because of the overwhelming financial and emotional toll, many cancer patients in the Bangladesh, Indian and Pakistani community have very little resources. Many are in need of housing, transportation, utility support, and much more. If you need assistance or know someone who will benefit, please contact MAAWS for a referral.

Financial support won’t be big, but the support will be substantial for undocumented families with no insurance.

Also, we can also provide referrals for legal immigrants who are already covered with insurance.

Please contact MAAWS at NYC Office:

Golam Mawla (Manik)
64-17 Broadway (2nd Floor)
Woodside, NY 11377
Tel: 718-478-1045
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Website: http://www.maawsusa.org
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  MAAWS for Global, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non profit organization created in 2000. MAAWS is named after a merchant farmer who lived in Bangladesh and devoted his life to helping others through education, social development and sharing of community resources. MAAWS’ mission is to empower our communities to maintain healthy lifestyles through education, training and action programs. Our goal is to address the health issues of HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Hepatitis B, Cardiovascular and Surgical Diseases More..
Prof. Elizabeth Brondalo, Jasmin Kwok, Jennie Atencio, Nisha Brady and Golam Mawla Manik in Diwali Mela Health Fair in Jackson Heights. Bollywood movie stars came to the event. The crowd was huge. MAAWS participated with other Asian organization and distributed HIV/AIDS Awareness resources, Cancer and Cardiovascular information among the participants.
A two-mile AIDS Awareness walk was organized in Poughkeepsie, New York by ARCS (Aids Related Community Services). MAAWS participated in the walk and drew a lot of attention towards its awareness flyers that were distributed by Poughkeepsie High School Honor Society students.
AIDS Coalition of Queens County (ACQC) had a World AIDS Day 2007 expo and seminar in York College, Jamaica, New York. Speakers addressed about different cases of the disease, making the expo very informative and helpful to all participants. MAAWS distributed 200+ multi-language flyers and brochures to the attendees.
Ultimate Faith Ministries and Ebenezer Baptist Church of Newburgh arranged their annual Youth Explosion event in Downing Park, Newburgh. Youth and seniors performed religious songs and dances. Different activities were arranged for kids. MAAWS' AIDS banner was displayed on the stage and MAAWS' information materials were distributed.
AIDS Awareness Campaign in Pahela Boishakh Celebration in New York: Cultural organization Drama Circle arranged Pahela Boishakh Celebration at the Dhaka Club Restaurant in Jackson Heights, New York on April 14, 2005. More than 500 hundred Bangladeshi Americans participated to celebrate this event. Golam Mawla Manik addressed the crowd about AIDS Awareness. Participants include youth, women, men, seniors, ambassadors, business people and others. MAAWS distributed flyers and pens: AIDS KILLS LEARN HOW TO PROTECT.
Church Members Participate in AIDS Awareness Campaign: Ultimate Faith Ministries, a local church in Newburgh, NY, church members participate in MAAWS’s fight against AIDS. Pastor Tamara M. Stewart (middle), Anthony Stewart, a local postmaster, Kathy Jackson and students partcipated.
Bangladesh Society Office: MAAWS holds its AIDS Awareness Campaign in Bangladesh Society Inc. Head Office in Elmhurst New York, the largest welfare organization of the Bangladeshi Community in USA. President Mr. Mujibur Rahman and Election Commission Chairman of Society Mr. Mohammed Hussain Khan hang up the poster at the Bangladesh Society Inc. Head Office as part of awareness for the members and the whole Bangladesh Community. June 5, 2005
Epoch Times, Chinese Newspaper: The Epoch Times, a widely spread Chinese newspaper published MAAWS's activities for AIDS Awareness Campaign in the Dhaka University Alumni Picnic 2005 at Heckshire state park in Long Island, New York. August 5, 2005
Governor of the Rotary Club in Hudson Valley Region: Manik handed over MAAWS' Multi-Language AIDS Awareness Poster to Governor Doris Obremski of Hudson Valley Region Rotary Club. Mr. Asrar Ahmed, President of Home Health Pavilion and Mr. Frederick H. Mills, President of Rotary Club in Newburgh, New York were present during the meeting. September 27, 2005.
Dr. Martha Macguffie, Chairman of SHARE held a meeting in her office in Rockland County, New York. MAAWS has donated 500 AIDS Awareness flyers and posters for a hospital in Kenya through SHARE. From left: MAAWS CEO, Golam M. Manik; Mr. Asrar Ahmed, Rotarian & President of Home Health Pavilion; Ms. Doris Obremski, Governor of District 7210 Rotary Clubs of the Hudson Valley Region; Dr. Martha Macguffie, M.D., and Mr. Chester Sawyer, Chairman of International Medical Relief Foundation.
Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed Choudhury, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to the United Nations and Golam Mawla Manik of MAAWS had a meeting at his office in New York. They had a brief discussion about MAAWS’ activities on Poverty Alleviation, Education, Arsenic Mitigation, and HIV/AIDS Awareness. Dr. Choudhury saw the multi-language posters and other materials developed by MAAWS for campaign on HIV/AIDS. Manik handed over 50 HIV/AIDS Awareness flyers for Permanent Mission library and office visitors.
Doctor Helps Effort for India: Dr. Syed Moin, a doctor of Internal medicine and HIV/AIDS activist, displayed MAAWS’ multi-language poster to create awareness to his patients. Dr. Moin also sponsored the making of MAAWS' Urdu poster campaign through local businessmen and civil society from his hometown Hyderabad, India. From left: Paulamari Cunningham, Nurse; Dr. Syed Moin; and staff Shafia Anjam; Melissa Starke; and Rayees Shamim.
The Greater Newburgh Ministerial Association presents The Third Annual Prayer Service for the City of Newburgh in the First United Methodist Church. Religious leaders from different faiths, city mayors, city executives, business people, music groups, non-profit organizations, and citizens of Newburgh participated in the prayer. The religious leaders addressed the crowd and did a prayer for peace, success, happiness, and the development of Newburgh. Mayor of Newburgh, Nick Valentine, also addressed the participants.
Congressman Hinchey: Congressman Maurice Hinchey visited the city of Newburgh to announce his support for the development of a new SUNY Orange Community College campus in downtown Newburgh. City Mayor Nick Valentine and other local official were present on the occasion. After the meeting Golam Mawla Manik had discussed MAAWS’ active involvement of HIV/AIDS Awareness for city of Newburgh. From left council women Ms. Regina Angelo, Congressman Hinchey and Golam M. Manik.
Boys & Girls club of Newburgh arranged a meeting to observe National Night Out 2006 at the Orange County Department of Health Conference Room, Newburgh, NY, to promote police-community partnerships, crime, drug and violence prevention and neighborhood unity. Community organizations in the Mid-Hudson Valley participated in the meeting. Mr. James Sanders, Jr., Director of operations of the Boys & Girls Club introduced MAAWS. MAAWS AIDS Awareness flyers were taken by all participants.
Dr. Nafis Sadik, UN Special Envoy on HIV/AIDS to the Secretary General, had a meeting with MAAWS delegates in the UN Foundation office. MAAWS presented publications of their active involvement in the fight against HIV/AIDS from the grass-root level to upper class of society. Issue of local citizens and foreigners bringing HIV/AIDS into Bangladesh was discussed. From left: Mrs. Nasreen Amanat, Activist from India; Mrs. Raihana Mawla, President of MAAWS; Dr. Nafis Sadik; and Golam M. Manik, CEO of MAAWS.
MAAWS’ informative presentation on HIV/AIDS for the Permanent Mission of Bangladesh to the United Nations is being presented to the Ambassador, Bangladesh delegates and mission officers. The presentation explains the threat Bangladesh has from its neighbors, ex-patriots, foreigners and etc. From left delegates member Mr. Zahiur Uddin Swapan, M.P.; Ms. Ishrat Jahan Ahmed, First Secretary; Dr. Ifthaker Choudhury, Ambassador and Permanent Representative; Mr. Zulfiqur Rahman, Minster; Mr. Ilyas Iftekhar Rasul, Brigadier General.
Oscar-Winning Actress at UN High Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS: UN high level meeting participants came from every corner of the society of the world such as diplomats, actors, civil society members, business people, politicians, medical professionals, etc., to combat this devastating disease. After the General Assembly concert, Manik met Oscar-winning Actress Whoopi Goldberg.
Panelist of UN General Assembly: In the UN general assembly meeting, Manik along with panelist, Professor Richard Feachem, Executive Director of the Global Fund and Mr. Bharat Wakhlu, President of TATA Inc., held the multi-language poster for world awareness. June 1, 2006
Student Counselor of SUNY Orange County Community College: Golam Mawla Manik had a meeting with Student Development Counselor of SUNY Orange County Community College, Peter Cutty as a part of the HIV/AIDS Awareness Summer Campaign. June 22, 2006
Newburgh’s National Night Out, America's Night Out Against Crime, organized by the Glenn E. Hines Memorial Boys & Girls Club, community-based organizations and the City of Newburgh Police Dept., was an event to stand against crime and violence. Citizens of the Mid-Hudson Valley went to 22 sites in Newburgh. MAAWS' AIDS Awareness flyers were passed in all the sites as well. Fifty- Four different organizations actively participated and put their efforts to make this event successful, including MAAWS.
MAAWS opened an AIDS Awareness Booth infront of the Newburgh Free Library, as a part of Newburgh’s National Night Out. MAAWS also played an informative slideshow containing valuable prevention methods and HIV/AIDS Statistics. The presentation was appreciated by many. Dr. Syed Moin, St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital, also addressed the crowd and distributed MAAWS’ informative flyers. Dr. Saleh Sarwar and Nazneen Sarwar, were present as well. From left: NNO participants and local artist, Fred.
Orange County and City Executives: A ribbon cutting ceremony was held to commemorate The Official Opening of Newburgh’s Housing Resource Center on September 15, 2006. Orange County Department of Social Services and other non-profit organizations held the event to provide valuable service to the community. MAAWS for Global, Inc, participated in the event. MAAWS presented a presentation and distributed multi-language awareness flyers to the attendees. September 15, 2006
Organizers discussed MAAWS’ awareness campaign on HIV /AIDS in Bangladeshi community. A media session was held to create awareness about the disease. Asian community and political leaders participated in the meeting in Woodside, New York. From left: Gurt Weldon, Former Congressman; Guillermo Linares, Commissioner, New York City Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs; Congressman Joseph Crowley, Bangladesh Caucus Chairman in Congress. Bangladesh Society president, and others.
Jackson Heights Bangladeshi Business Association(JBBA) held a street fair in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York. More than 40,000 people from the tri-state area came to the event. MAAWS opened a stall for HIV/AIDS education. Ali Zakhr, a famous Bengali actor, creating HIV/AIDS awareness infront of the MAAWS stall. May 26, 2007.
The 2007 ACQC’s Conference for Teens, Adolescents & Young Adults on AIDS was held at York College in Jamaica, New York. The conference included students from local schools accompanied by teachers. MAAWS opened an awareness booth with other network members at the conference. Students, adults, and other community members were pleased to see MAAWS’ informative posters and flyers. MAAWS nearly distributed 400 flyers, "AIDS KILLS Learn how to protect"TM pens, informative bumper stickers and other literatures.
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